mixSense DJ Studio 1.0.1

Audio mixing software

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    Windows 2000 / Windows XP

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MixSense DJ Studio has applications for both beginning DJs and more experienced DJs. The integrated file explorer lets you load audio files easily. Additionally, you have a two-deck interface that lets you combine settings and effects to make masterpiece mixes.


MixSense DJ Studio uses two players that can load WAV, OGG and MP3 files simultaneously. You also have access to playback controls and to more advanced options. The playback remaining time displays to let you apply fading effects.

Zero Latency

This software lets you adjust the fading speed and the overlap time, and you can adjust the volume levels for each song. One of the greatest benefits of using MixSense DJ Studio is the zero-latency response it provides with a variety of sound cards. The audio gets sent straight to the sound card ensuring there is no risk of a desync for the mix. Most audio applications have a minimum latency of 20 milliseconds forcing the software to buffer, which can cause a desync but not with MixSense DJ Studio.

Intuitive Interface

MixSense DJ Studio is free of charge, and the easy-to-use interface gives this application advantages over other alternatives. This software provides you with BPM auto adjust, beat-lock, real-time waveform visualization and five effects per channel. The five effects include:

  • EQ
  • Sliding Control
  • Reverb
  • Tap Delay
  • Phaser

All the Features Needed for Becoming a DJ

The software offers a large number of features. They include: Tone, tempo, pan modifiers, an automatic beat counter, 10-band equalizer and an automatic track mixer. Additional features include a CD ripper and waveform viewers for more concise mixes. The graphic equalizer makes it easy to adjust the trebles and basses of your productions. MixSense DJ Studio also has a built-in audio extractor. This allows the conversion of tracks from a CD into a wave format so that you can work on them with total freedom.

Advanced Options Not Available

For DJs who want a free alternative, MixSense DJ Studio provides many great features. However, it is unable to compete with the paid alternatives that provide more advanced options for mixing. Even so, people looking to start mixing music will not have to pay for expensive software.

Audio Files Found Easier

One of the benefits of using MixSense DJ Studio is that it comes with a built-in search tool that lets you find the files to create your mixtures. With this search tool, you spend less time trying to find the right audio file and more time mixing.

For a free software, this application lets you create all sorts of interesting mixes for music. DJs who want the freedom to make their own mixes will have made a good starter's choice.


  • Built-in CD ripper
  • Intuitive controls make usage easier
  • Automatic mixing controls


  • Functionality gets surpassed by alternative programs
  • Limited number of advanced options, which means more restrictions on creativity

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